“The Child and The Crib Not the Santa” A Christmas Message from Sharmila Tagore


What kind of Christmas message can your expect from a film personality.  In many ways she represents the best in India. Hailing from the illustrious Tagore family and married to former Indian Cricket Captain, late Nawab Pataudi, this Satyjit Ray find had many insightful things to say about Christmas.

She was the heart throb of India in the seventies. She is today  a widely respected film personality and widely liked Ambassador for the cause of children. Sharmila Tagore shared her Christmas thoughts with me

On the sidelines of a mammoth pre-Christmas  musical  fest inaugurated by her in Delhi, thousands of Christians heard her in rapt attention, among them the Deputy Chair of the upper house of Indian Parliament Prof P.J. Kurien.

The Child, the Crib and the Carols

It is not the Santa and the reindeers that fascinated me but it was the crib, the child and the carols. Let me not forget the three wise men too she told me.

Mother of two well known stars and the mother in law of a very popular heroine and a grand mother Sharmila Tagore dealt more on   “on the child, who is the center of Christmas, the heart of all celebrations”.

“Two things strike us about that child,” she said. “Firstly, the might, the power and the potential of that child and then secondly, his vulnerability”.

On the one hand  Jesus was  a prince, she said . He came from a divine and royal lineage of David. He was born to do great things. He was  unique. “There is none like him and there will never be one like him”. On the other hand he is vulnerable. Here is a new born baby at risk.
The UNICEF  Ambassador then quoted G.K. Chesterton, the British writer and said  “Christmas is built upon a beautiful and intentional paradox; that the birth of the homeless should be celebrated in every home.”

There is No Room

Imagine that couple, a young mother in advanced stage of pregnancy and her hapless husband, she continued . They walked all around the City of David, the home-town of their own forefathers, knocking at every door. They were told time and again that cruel heartless sentence. “There is no room”.

All of us have migrated from somewhere and we constantly hear this alienating excluding response “there in no room”. That is against the spirit of Christmas, against the child who was born on Christmas day.

[wc_highlight color=”red”]”Every child born in this world is some how like the Christ, a King born in a manger. Each child comes with a trillion brain cells. Each of the brain cells scream to the world, give me opportunity. Let me become what I am capable of becoming.”[/wc_highlight]


Herod Lurks Everywhere

But Herod lurks everywhere, sometimes as diarrhea, sometimes as pneumonia. Death lurks, as UNICEF data says as apathy, discrimination, exclusion and lack of policy and administrative will still killing many a sons and daughters of God.

“Now let us also look at the three wise men who came from the orient, she said . We are proud that they were from the East. To me what is important is that they were willing to seek wisdom from another community and another culture. They were willing to travel for enlightenment. “ To learn one must walk even as far as China”, said the Holy Koran, she pointed out.

“A little knowledge can be dangerous. A little knowledge and no wisdom combined with gross sense of insecurity and lack of love what resulted was havoc. That is what Herod did. He went for a massacre, genocide, shedding the blood of the innocent, killing all children under two. “That is an ominous warning for our times.

Some insightful and relevant Christmas messages. I said to myself. What do you think?